Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Final Preparations.

We are making our final Preparations to cross over to the Bahamas for the winter. The Boat has been prepared, all of the lines checked, belts checked, spares checked, oil changed, all filters changed. Chris has been busy provisioning and making sure we will have plenty of food.  We had an appointment with Customs and Border Protection today and received our LBO card, which will make clearing customs in the spring much easier. We will celebrate Thanksgiving with family and then head back to the boat and start moving to the Lake Worth area where we will depart from.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Atlantic to the Pacific and back

We are back in Florida after two weeks in Seattle.We enjoyed our daughter's wedding then time with our son,his wife and grandaughters.We took my mother along and enjoyed many tourist sites and a special tea at the Fairmont hotel with Evangeline our oldest grandaughter.Unfortunately Mike and my mother picked up a flu bug on the way home so our plans of crossing to the Bahamas are on hold while they recuperate.Our boat is resting in Fort Pierce and we are hopeful of an early Dec.crossing.I am busy helping with the ill people but have help from my aunts and uncles who also have trailers in our park.The weather here is great,70 to 80 degrees and hoping that will speed recuperation.