Monday, August 13, 2012

Boat Repairs

We are in the middle of multiple boat repairs and maintenance on the Missing Link. On the list to do is replace all seacocks and hoses leading to them, replace the water heater and hoses, replace the raw water pump, replace engine hoses and belts, change two hanging lockers to shelf storage, replace galley floor, and install a new marine radio.The most important repair is the replacement of the seacocks as the boat manufacturer had installed brass gate valves as seacocks, this was fine as long the boat was in fresh water but now that we are in salt water they needed to be replaced. This was demonstrated to me when I removed the head intake seacock, the gate was completely corroded away! You could turn the handle all you wanted to but you could not close it. The replacements I chose are the Forespar Marlon Seacocks as they are nonmetallic we should nor have any problems with corrosion.