Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Harbor

We are now moored in Little Harbor, at the Southern end of the Sea of Abaco. We spent last night anchored in the lee of Lynard Cay about 2 miles from here. This morning we crossed over to the harbor and entered through a 4' swell which realy rolled us around a bit as we were abeam to it, but no problems. Our ALFA WIFI adapter realy works great as we were still able to connect to the WIFI here at Little Harbor from over 2 miles away with no problems and still read our E mails and check the weather. The wind is supposed to increase tommorow, so we will spend at least 2 nights here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike:

You need to email the picture of you with the hanging flags of Latitudes & Attitudes to Bob Bitchin so that he can put it in his "Seafaring Magazine".

Also, like the cool sound of the ocean in one of your pics.