Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back Home

We spent May 1st anchored at Great Sale Cay with 27 other boats,it was brisk winds but enjoyed a fast fun sail to get tucked in there.We spent 24 hours with vhf conferences with the other boats gathered there and 24 hours later after a 4pm weather update 20 boats headed out across the Atlantic ocean.We had double reefed the main and used 3/4 of the jib due to strong tail winds that never slowed until we got 3/4 of the way across the Gulf Stream.The forecast included a storm in 48 hours, so that meant using the motor to help propel across the stream faster.We had the smallest boat and the smallest engine so we soon lagged behind the pack.Taking turns at the wheel I became incapacitated by a serious headache at the 20 hour point followed by seasickness.Mike stayed strong and we pulled into Harbor View Marina in Fort Pierce,Fla. 22 hours later.I soon fell asleep but Mike celebrated at the tiki bar.I awoke the next day with no upset stomach and just a small lingering headache so we rented a car and have enjoyed traveling the state visiting family and friends.

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