Friday, June 17, 2011

Annapolis !

We are finally back to Annapolis where we will keep the boat for the next month, and then do some exploring on the Chesapeake for the Summer before heading back South and the Bahamas for next Winter. Monday we will rent a car and drive back to Ohio to visit with family and take care of some business, and after that we will fly out to Seattle to visit with our kids and grandchildren before we continue on cruising.


Kate said...

Yay!!! We can't wait to see you! XOXO

Phil and Lorraine said...

We would love to see you if you have a chance here at Grand River Yacht Club dock 20N. You can reach us at 440-487-5152 or Phil 440-479-0857. Hope you have a good trip.

Lorraine and Phil

Anonymous said...

Mike and Chris

Great reading the post, glad you make it to Annapolis safely/ Judi and I hope to see you if you make your way to the GOTL marina.
PLease let us know if there is anything we can so while you are stateside.

Carl and Judi

Tux said...

My son is going the opposite direction of you guys. He's in Ohio, going to college at St. John's in Annapolis. I'm actually jealous of him, took him to Annapolis to see the campus in the spring, and that is a beautiful area of the country!