Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank You

A special thank you to John Petrini and crew at his Petrini Shipyard.His hospitality and workmanship were next to none.The location in Spa Creek was an easy walk to downtown and the public bus stop and post office nearby meant no car was needed. We got to enjoy too many good meals and the shopping mall made rainy days fly by.Annapolis is truly the sailing capitol of the world with multiple marine stores available.
We are now ready to cross the Albermerle Sound.I always am glad to leave the noise and encroaching warships of Norfolk but we did enjoy a wonderful German restaurant at Portsmouth,Va.They offer over 350 varieties of beer but with an early start ahead Mike enjoyed just one.The Great Dismal swamp was the next stop and we were serenaded at the first lock by Robert on his conch horn,he is so helpful and makes locking a breeze.We were pre warned that the excess duckweed could clog and overheat the engine but had no problem.We made it through both locks and and ancored last night behind Goat Island.The anchorage was easy to set anchor and we were all alone in a beautiful lagoon with only a few croakers as noise.

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