Wednesday, September 28, 2011

North Carolina I.C.W.-Not For Wimps

I had a wonderful evening anchored in Mile Hammock Bay-Camp Lajune,N.C. The bombs bursting in air around us did not bother me but we left the beautiful anchorage to a lightening show .Onward we went and arrived at the first bridge to find that the bridge tender forgot to turn on his radio,in the nick of time we got his cell number and up went the bridge.The next bridge opened only on the hour so we tried to idle down to wait.The current then sent us into the shallows . We got out only to be bombarded by fast  flying fishing boats and even one who was setting his net across our path directly  in front of the bridge.When we finally got through at full throttle we found opposing current allowed only 3 knots speed.This was as I watched the weather radio on the phone showing that the thunder we heard was an approaching storm front.
All was good as we found the Carolina State Park Marina almost empty and tied down and enjoyed a dinner and long shower.It was only 30 dollars with electric and water included here but quiet a walk to any town services so it it's an evening of rest.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

rain,rain go away!

This morning we are at the docks on the Beaufort,N.C. water.Yesterday we awakened early to a gorgeous sunrise at an anchorage in Campbell creek,all alone except for the mosquitoes that flourish in the constant rain.It was a wonderful day down the I.C.W. until afternoon when a torrential downpour came about suddenly,as much rain as Hurricane Irene and lightening everywhere.I n a narrow section of the canal I prayed while Mike got us safely to the Beaufort city dock. was treated to a yummy soft shell crab then and Mike enjoyed a few well deserved adult beverages.The marina had a free loaner station wagon so off we went( before dinner) to the hardware store and grocery store.
I had picked up a pressure  cooker cookbook -Miss Vickie's Pressure Cooker Recipes- in Annapolis and have been enjoying the tasty and easy meals.It is the best source to learn pressure cooking ,a fat volume with great advice.Pressure cooking uses less fuel,saves time and meats come out very tender even with cheap cuts.
Our fuel and water tanks are refilled and now await a tide change to leave the dock but for the seventh day in a row rain clouds are all around us.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank You

A special thank you to John Petrini and crew at his Petrini Shipyard.His hospitality and workmanship were next to none.The location in Spa Creek was an easy walk to downtown and the public bus stop and post office nearby meant no car was needed. We got to enjoy too many good meals and the shopping mall made rainy days fly by.Annapolis is truly the sailing capitol of the world with multiple marine stores available.
We are now ready to cross the Albermerle Sound.I always am glad to leave the noise and encroaching warships of Norfolk but we did enjoy a wonderful German restaurant at Portsmouth,Va.They offer over 350 varieties of beer but with an early start ahead Mike enjoyed just one.The Great Dismal swamp was the next stop and we were serenaded at the first lock by Robert on his conch horn,he is so helpful and makes locking a breeze.We were pre warned that the excess duckweed could clog and overheat the engine but had no problem.We made it through both locks and and ancored last night behind Goat Island.The anchorage was easy to set anchor and we were all alone in a beautiful lagoon with only a few croakers as noise.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Southbound II

Southbound again! We are now on the move down the Chesapeake Bay and heading for the ICW on the way to the Bahamas. We left Petrini's Shipyard  at 7:30 on Tuesday the 20th, and spent last night at Solomons MD. We left there about 7AM and made it to Deltaville VA around 4:30 this afternoon. We will continue on to Norfolk and the ICW tomorrow. We have had rain the last two days and it looks like it won't let up until next Monday but as long as the winds don't build we will press on. Also we have to watch the two tropical depressions that are building and watch out for the falling NASA satellite!