Thursday, April 26, 2012


We flew to Florida for 2 1/2 weeks and had a great time with family but the fast pace back home was overwhelming.We watched tv and had constant reports of crime and traffic accidents and wondered why we should return back home.The Bahamians are so relaxed and accepting of us,we got a hug when one of the workers returned from her vacation,so nice.I had a talk with a few Bahamians this week while relaxing in the outdoor Orchid Lounge here and asked what they feel is the reason for low crime and friendly atmosphere here in the Abacos.They feel that it goes back to loving mothers who have very high expectations of their children,they do not want to shame their mother and also were raised with the church an important part of their youth.
I will have a hard time leaving for hurricane season.Another reason is continued persistent wind,we missed a weather window to cross over while we were flying back and will wait again for possibly several weeks for another.
We meet so many interesting cruisers here and only a rare pompous fool. Last month we had a singlehander next to us who would keep the hatches closed and only surface very briefly for a hose down on the bow once a week,he had a ponytail atop of his head like a samurai.He grunted unintelligible greeting once in the several weeks being here next to us.So glad that he has left.
On the positive side we met a young doctor from Ireland and his wife just getting started in sailing.He is readying his Cape dory 31 for the sail back to Ireland having brought it here single handed from U.S.A.
It was a sad day when his wife flew home,it was nice to have a lively young lady here. I will worry with her as her husband and his friend navigate to Bermuda and to the Azores and then to Ireland.The mother in me today tried to talk him into leaving the boat here as a second home,can`t help but try to adopt these young cruisers.
We purchased a SSB radio in Fla. but will wait to install it this summer as we would have to pay duty to bring it here now.We get our weather via computer for our passage back to Fla.


Anonymous said...

All of us here at Harpersfield send you a big hello!
..... maybe a hug or two! Miss you both

Mary said...

Hi Chris and Mike...... It's so lovely to read your blog especially as I'm referred to as a lively young one!!!! Hehe.
Sean and Norman are doing well thank God. They should arrive in Bermuda tomorrow. I miss Sean terribly and I can't wait for his return.
Come to Ireland if you have some free time, it would be great to see you both again.
Thanks for the beautiful choc and pecan cookies Chris that you baked when I was over, they were delicious.
Love to you both, Mary xxx