Saturday, April 16, 2011

Too many farewells

Many of our cruising friends have returned to the States,mostly because of income tax preparation,we had picked up software for taxes in Palm Beach and paid lots electronically this week.There are also several cruisers who have returned from Eleuthra and are restocking and repairing for their return.Every Thursday at 5 pm The Jib Room here has a cruisers get together with 2 for 1 drinks and we bring snacks .This week we spent time with cruisers who circumnavigated by sextant in the 1970`s and again with small children in the 80`s.They were so open and personable and shared hints and encouragement to us .We had a boat next to us with world travelers from Australia and a Dutch boat down the dock.
We enjoyed a snorkeling day on Mermaid Reef this week.It was my first time in years-first time the ocean was bath water warm.Mike bought a dive suit and has snorkeled several times this season-another thing on my Florida shopping list.The reef was amazing as the ocean was crystal clear and the fish plentiful.Mike brought a snack for them and they`attacked`him and even slid into the Ziploc bag with the snacks.It was like swimming in an aquarium surrounded by vibrant colored fish including a lion fish that the Bahamians have asked us to kill but it is a protected reef and we did not bring our Hawaiian sling that day.
We have the big medical supply kit that we stocked in Annapolis that sat unused until this week.Early this week a woman was exiting her dingy and trying to corral her dog and slipped between boat and dock and tore up her knee.Steve the marina manager and owner called his Dr. who agreed to suture her even though it was Sunday,he called a cab and I returned with the kit and bandaged her for the ride.Her husband returned the next day to thank us and gave details of the care she received,she was given IV antibiotics,tetanus update,pain med IM and 26 fine sutures,great care here in Marsh Harbor because if she had been down south in Georgetown  the vet has the only xray machine.
Yesterday a dock mate was fishing at Man o War and fell 10 feet from his tuna tower onto his deck.He radioed Steven  at the marina that his crew were en route to his dock but crew on board had never docked the boat,he said he was in horrible pain with a broken arm and leg.Steven called his friend with Yellow Air taxi and found that they were en route to Marsh Harbor airport and would fly him to his hospital in Fla.Steven got his truck running then grabbed his runabout with another staff member and met the boat and jumped in and docked the boat.Several people were gathered and I met the boat and splinted his obviously broken wrist and ankle,he was in horrific pain and I had little time as the plane was waiting,his vital signs were good so Mike gave him a pain pill we had and several people put a tarp on a reclining pool chair and carried it to the truck bed.They made it to the plane and I hope to hear how he made out.
The first medical crisis was at the Barefoot Man concert where he called for a Dr. to go to the top deck,nobody came so a fellow cruising nurse friend and I went up and found a thin elderly man recuperating from passing out,he had a strong pulse,pale color,no sweating,hot skin and was a heart patient,he had no pain but had been gardening earlier and had only had half a drink.We encouraged him to lie on a damp towel and ice was brought.About this time a big lady burst in and proclaimed `I`m an R.N. so stand back`.Fortunately Troy from Dive Guana brought his medical kit checked his b/p and took him home as he felt well.The heat this time of year means you must force fluids if in open sun.We are lucky to have our cockpit enclosure,6 fans and 2 wind scoops. The Jib room here is always cool and breezy and we often while away our afternoon playing Mexican train dominoes there.
This week has been sad with friends leaving and because I found that my brother Michael needs a kidney transplant.He has no children so I must find a way to be tested or a weather window to return to Fla.I am awaiting word on his blood type and have had a younger brother and sister offer already .
The wonderful news is that my daughter Amy has been engaged to marry Todd.The wedding will be late fall in Seattle so I will have a busy summer.We plan on returning to the Bahamas after the wedding and our new generator is waiting for us in Fla. so that we can travel farther south next year and anchor out more often.

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