Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We got wind

This afternoon while cooking supper the wind suddenly cranked to over 50 miles per hour-no warning of dark skies just wind followed by driving rain.Several boats in the anchorage dragged-one the length of the fairway but no damage to us and only upturned dingys including submerged motor and lost pieces floating but we suffered no harm.this week marina friends suprised me with a birthday party and Jason the dockmaster-barmaster played and sang happy birthday while we enjoyed pizza and cake.The Barefoot Man concert was better than I thought it would be with great music,barebreasted drunk women,lobster newburg dinner,dancing,fireworks and bonfire and good friends to enjoy it all with us.
Abaco has been full of runaway fires this week,they only have a few fire trucks and fewer fireman and little water so with dry brush we have had huge fires,they asked for anyone to help last weekend and it seemed to help finally,they even ran out of gasoline money for the trucks-U.SA. is indeed blessed.The Bahamas are suffering as fewer cruisers and fisherman visit,Orchid Bay marina has no electric due to not paying their electric bill-no electic at marinas in Guana due to the economy,sad.China has stepped in to buy up land and they are excited but I see in their plans a rape of their land with no benefits when I read the plans.Other foreigners have done similar but pulled out and abandoned big resorts so time will tell.

No "good " pictures, Chris kept taking the camera away!  Mike

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barebreasted drunk women! Where's the picture?