Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bahamas at last!

Old sailors legend says never leave on a journey on a friday,they were a bit right.We left Palm Beach marina friday about 4 pm and headed out to the Atlantic I experienced a bit of terror in the inlet as the raging water there was formidable and our sail was caught on a reef line meaning Mike had to go on deck with the boat rolling about,this never bothers him but I am the worrier.It was a very dark night with no stars or moonlight,just clouds so night travel was not so fun.The winds stayed strong and on the nose so the autopilot wouldn`t work meaning hand steering with both hands and feet planted.Mike insisted on the night shift      and finally went below to sleep once we got to the Bahama banks and dawn.What a change,you go from depth of over a thousand feet to 12 feet of turquoise water and a much more gentle breeze.It is hard to explain the color of the water and the beauty of dolphins,flying fish and miles of open water.We pulled into Great Sale Cay Saturday evening and set anchor and slept very soundly.

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