Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at Green Turtle

We had a wonderful Christmas at Green Turtle Cay, White Sound. For Christmas Eve dinner we had a full Christmas meal with ham, turkey, all the fixings, and desert at the Bluff  House Marina and Resort. We shared our table with a couple of other cruising boats from Canada and and we all enjoyed ourselves. For Christmas day Brendal of Brendal's Dive Center hosted a cruisers potluck dinner for anyone in the anchorage. Brendal supplied Goombay Smash, Sid's  Grocery supplied the plates and silverware, the liquor store donated wine and rum, and everyone brought enough food to feed an army. Santa even made a quick showing even though it was quite warm. We are now returning to Spanish Cay for a New Years Celebration and will update when that is over.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spanish Cay

  It was a nice motor sail from Great Sale anchorage to Spanish Cay.We had heard of extensive hurricane Irene damage here but they have been very busy and have all but one row of docks with power and water.The customs/immigration officer here is so friendly and efficient.We were checked in and had our 180 day cruising and fishing permit in no time.
After checking in I bought a loaf of fresh Bahamian bread at the office and found out that the New Years Eve party here features the Barefoot Man live and fireworks and all day events. Looks like we might go to Green Turtle for a couple days and head right back here. I love the Barefoot Man,reminds me of a Pat Dailey concert at Put In Bay back home.
Today is laundry day and Mike will refill the diesel and wash salt off the boat, it is so encrusted on the topsides that it looked like ice crystals at night. We took many waves over the top during the early hours of crossing over. I say that for me crossing over is like childbirth,you say it wasn`t so bad after you have slept a few nights.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Sale Cay

Great Sale Cay is the anchorage with decent wind protection that is used by cruisers as a stepping point to and from the Abacos.The island is uninhabited and has a horse shoe shaped anchorage with good holding.We awoke to increasing winds and stayed 3 nights with steady 20 to 25 knot winds and gusts of more.There were 13 boats with us but the big anchorage meant no crowding and with the brisk winds we never met a neighbor.We are very happy with the Manson Supreme anchor that has set first time and held each time.Having the watermaker and generator meant a nice 3 night stay.We celebrated our 40th anniversary there and Mike`s 62nd birthday.

Bahamas at last!

Old sailors legend says never leave on a journey on a friday,they were a bit right.We left Palm Beach marina friday about 4 pm and headed out to the Atlantic I experienced a bit of terror in the inlet as the raging water there was formidable and our sail was caught on a reef line meaning Mike had to go on deck with the boat rolling about,this never bothers him but I am the worrier.It was a very dark night with no stars or moonlight,just clouds so night travel was not so fun.The winds stayed strong and on the nose so the autopilot wouldn`t work meaning hand steering with both hands and feet planted.Mike insisted on the night shift      and finally went below to sleep once we got to the Bahama banks and dawn.What a change,you go from depth of over a thousand feet to 12 feet of turquoise water and a much more gentle breeze.It is hard to explain the color of the water and the beauty of dolphins,flying fish and miles of open water.We pulled into Great Sale Cay Saturday evening and set anchor and slept very soundly.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still Waiting.

We are still waiting for a favorable weather window to cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, we may have an opening this Friday or Saturday. If the weather changes the next opening won't be until next Tuesday or Wednesday. We hope to be in the Bahamas before Christmas, but whatever happens happens!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Waiting !

We are presently at Old Port Cove Marina in North Palm Beach waiting for a weather window to cross the Gulf Stream over to the Northern Bahamas. We will cross from Lake Worth Inlet to Great Sale Cay entering the Bahama Banks South of Memory rock and then the next day sail to Spanish Cay to Check in with Customs and Immigration. This is a nice place to wait, Publix, a new West Marine, CVS, and just about anything you could want within easy walking distance. This weekend Enterprise has a $9.95 a day special we have rented a car and will be able to explore the area and meet up with friends.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Living at Lowes

For the last week it seems like I have been living at Lowes. I have been making repairs and moving plumbing in the Mobile home we bought in Lake wales and it seems like right after I buy parts, something else comes up or breaks which means another trip back to Lowes. On the bright side, we will be heading back to the boat on Monday and be back on the water again. If all goes well we will be in West Palm Beach on Tuesday Night and be ready to cross over to the Bahamas when the next weather window opens. Listening to Chris Parker our weather expert it sounds like we might have good weather for a crossing on Thursday!