Sunday, November 14, 2010


We had a nice evening and meal last night  at SeaJay`s restaurant-I chose to miss  the low country boil-same as a clambake but with shrimp and oysters because I love their Brunswick stew and also had a slice of warm pecan pie,the music was good but mellow-I do miss the Four Kings music.We left early and at almost low tide and strong current and ran into a shoal at 7 knots-whoa sudden stop-he managed to power off but it sure scared me. after that we navigated through the Navy nuke refueling base area and many bumps but no stopping.That area has no magenta line to follow on GPS so you need 2 sets of eyes to find markers.We are now safely anchored in Ft. George River north of Jacksonville and only dolphins,cranes and 2 other sailboats tonight.I can`t believe I am in Florida-shorts in the daytime the past few days but cool nights.    Chris

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Mustang Sally Crew said...

Hey Kids, Keep your keel off the bottom of the ditch!We all look forward to your progress,and exploits along the way. The Mustang Sally Crew hopes to be joining you in a couple of years.Thanks for all you do in your blog spot. Keeps us sain and looking toward our turn, C.C.