Friday, November 19, 2010


 Well, we decided to stay at Titusville until after Thanksgiving as it is a good deal here, better than Vero Beach where we planned to spend the week. The drive from here to Lake Wales, where Chris's mom is will be about the same as it would of been from Vero Beach. While here I will install the watermaker that I bought at the boat show in Annapolis, and try and do a few other boat projects. It feels strange stopping for a week, we just want to continue moving south and cross over to the Bahamas. This is a nice Marina, a good deal, and a city bus stop right outside the marina that takes you all over, including Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and the town for only $1.25.
 We saw our first Manatee of the trip today, there were five of them in the marina eating all of the floating grass that had blown into the marina.


Anonymous said...

Do you still have the literature I was supposed to pick up at the boat show? I can send a check to your mother to have her mail it to me if possible.
On another note, we have already seen the white stuff falling from the sky. I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

If you're still there Dec. 3rd you may get to see the shuttle launch.

It'll be nice you'll be able to spend Thanksgiving with your mother Chris. Say hi for us.


Ardeen said...

So cool, Titusville isn't the biggest or best, but there is a beautiful wildlife preserve and river/oceanfront there. Can't believe it was your first manatee...there is a place out in the preserve that 100's of them hang out. I love cool to watch. Again, so sorry we missed you...and back to work for us on Monday. Ardeen