Monday, November 29, 2010

Vero Beach

We are safely in Vero Beach public marina after a tense day on the water.This section of the waterway is a narrow ditch and winding around little islands.It started raining so heavy that it was nearly zero visibility,I put on our lights and stayed glued to the front window and we glided through to sun but with wind and black clouds coming around us.There are over 160 boats here  tonight with 3 boats to a mooring ball,Mike treated me to a dock for tonight so we can unwind and put out many more bumpers for rafting to other boats.Mike wants to install a gauge sensor for the holding tank and plot into the g.p.s. more waypoints for our way to Lake Worth and make the final decision on that crossing or Fort Lauderdale to cross to the Bahamas.I continue to cram more food and paper supplies into this small boat.Our friend Glenn arrives by van tommorrow so we can pick up more stuff if I find space.It has been very warm and humid except when on the waterway.I can`t say just how needed it is to have the full cavas enclosure on the boat.We kept dry in the downpour,warm in the northern cold winds and I haven`t even got a sunburn yet.

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