Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Hour

The cruisers on the dock we are on at Treasure Cay have a Happy Hour every day at 5pm on the dock, and we have had a great time with them listening to cruising stories and learning about new places to visit and where to not go. My replacement wind generator from Southwest Windpower arrived yesterday and is now installed and working. I now will be able to anchor out more without running the engine to top off the batteries. It only took a week to arrive here even with a mix up on the customs paperwork. We did not have to pay any duty on it as it is a part for the boat, and duty free. Our watermaker has been working great and even though water is readily available here in the Abacos the water produced is so much better than the local water.


Anonymous said...

Very good investment in your health, the water maker,Keep it working and enjoy your selves.The Sally crew may be right behind you if our new govenor has his way with our pensions,set me free let me sail till the rags fall off.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a beautiful dock. Glad to hear the Wind generator is up a running.