Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marsh Harbor

Yesterday we rented a car to do some touring.It is about 30 miles to the next town here-Marsh Harbor.We took along a dockmate Ed from the Valiant across from us.We stopped at several small hardware and tiny clothes stores then to the marina there.It is very nice-protected,small pool,bar and friendly staff but missing the beauty of our beach here.The next stop was a seafood store for lobster tails and grouper followed by Maxwell's-the only grocery store in the Abacos that rivals the U.S.,prices were higher but selection and quality good with many special deals.Dockmates here from Canada say the food and clothes prices in Canada are so much higher than the U.S. so they think island prices are great.Coffee was 13 dollars for Eight O`Clock cheap brand-glad that I brought lots of coffees.Salad dressing was six dollars for the tiny bottle-glad I brought Good Seasons packets.Meat was of good quality and not bad priced.We had a great Bahamian lunch and then toured a few small towns-settlements.The schools all have uniforms and the buildings appear newer.Tonight expecting up to 50 knot winds so a planned sail with dockmates is on hold.I love it enough to live here but I am restless to sail on soon and explore south.The dock is paid until Feb.4th so I should just relax and enjoy the cable tv, tiki bar,bakery,liquor store,grocery store,beaches and nightly 5 o`clock dock party.    Chris


Kate said...

We got the wagon!!! What a surprise! I told Evangeline I didn't know what was inside but it was probably something for daddy. I was going to skype you guys today but never got the chance. Do you need us to ship you any supplies or food stuff?

Missing Link said...

Thanks Katie-we are still overstocked with everything in spite of eating most meals on the boat-grocery store is only steps away. love you all-chris