Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still at Treasure Cay

Still enjoying the dock here.Most days we hit the beach early and take an hour or two walk along the surf.When we go at low tide we can walk for 10 minutes out into the water and still be only waist deep,that is when I can scoop up sand dollars and other shells easily.We need the exercise because of the food choices.Yesterday a lady came to our boat with food for sale-her van was loaded with Bahamian mac and cheeses,whole lobster quiches,banana breads,seafood chowder,apple and cream pies-mmm.We bought the mac and cheese and warm apple pie and found them as tasty as they look.I do actually cook though,I brought home a whole coconut from next to the dock and used the fresh coconut grated for oatmeal,coconut,chocolate chip cookies,a bag of coconut in the store is 5 dollars and the parking lot is full of coconuts that have fallen.We enjoyed the movie True Grit at the drive in wed. and have good cable tv also.They have a big screen tv at the pool bar that we have been watching the football playoffs.This is really paradise but I am still eager to explore more islands next month.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you miss the snow and the cold just a little?