Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marsh Harbor Junkanoo Feb 2011

We stayed for the Junkanoo on Saturday and had a great time. The Junkanoo started around 10pm and we stayed until around 1 in the morning. The costumes were something to see and we had a wonderful time. This was a much larger Junkanoo than the one we saw back at Green Turtle Cay on New Years.
  We were going to leave for Hopetown and Tahti Beach this morning but the weather forecast is for high winds the next couple of days, so we will just stay here until we have a better forecast. We are still having a great time, and will definitely be back in the Bahamas next year. We plan to spend the summer somewhere in the Chesapeake, but that could change also.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike & Chris:

Checking out the photos of the Marsh Harbor Junkanoo Parada, can't believe all the beautiful colors on the floats and costumes.