Sunday, March 6, 2011

stuck to this dock

Plans to leave the Jib room dock this am are changed,thunderstorm risk this afternoon in our little boat means we play chickens and enjoy a rum punch and dominoes in the bar instead.Last night was a blast with the limbo man having a bunch of sorority sisters quite drunk making for an entertaining time.We have made so many friends here and are never bored.We are waiting for office hours Monday to see the cost of a bigger alternator to be shipped here,we have plenty of power while anchored except when the wind dies and overnight the batteries charge goes too low after a week on the hook.I must admit that I enjoy the dock life here and we can take a walk across the street to Mermaid reef for a close to shore reef with lots of friendly tropical fish that cruisers feed cereal so they bombard you as you approach. This area has many stores but the boat mechanical needs mostly need to be shipped FedEx and not cheap,we have many spares fortunately.The staff here at Marsh harbor marina are superb and the food at it`s bar The Jib Room is outstanding-they have a rib night with the best ribs ever-fall off the bone and so much food that they give you two plates-we have learned to share a meal now.Steak night is Sat. and is equally good.My plans of eating rice and canned meat are on hold as well as the eagerly anticipated weight loss.We are glad that we have purchased the Bahama Wimax monthly wifi-the signal is almost always good even on the hook further down islands.The FM radio stations are mostly religious stations with frequent very long obituaries for entertainment.The Sirius radio reception here is excellent thank goodness.It is hard to describe the beauty of the water and friendliness of the Bahamian people here and we wake up every day so happy that we have landed here.    Chris


Anonymous said...

Tell us more about the people and their boats you have met.

schubydoo (Diane) said...

I know how you guy's feel - we loved whiling away the days at Pete's Pub in Little Harbor, and Sea Spray near Hopetown, - doesn't get much better! - Diane

Phil and Lorraine said...

This is Lorraine and Phil on Changes. We are in Little Harbor planning on sailing to Marsh Harbor today. Hope to meet up with you.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Harpersfield!!!!
Glad the two of you are having
such a wonderful adventure!