Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patricks celebration

Last month we joined the Royal Marsh Harbor Yacht Club,it gives us marina discounts in the Abacos as well as many club activities-and a great burgee for the halyard too.Yesterday we attended the clubs St. Patricks day party.For the cost of the corned beef dinner we got unlimited bar,dessert,entertainment and too much fun.We had 168 people in attendence and were pleasantly suprised to be seated with several of our Treasure Cay happy hour crew-a blast was had by all and Mike even won a contest for wearing the most green.We walked to the Marsh Harbor marina with Phil and Lorraine from Changes and took a cab back.Cabs are plentiful and very professional and clean here.They had singing and then lots of dance music-rock and roll-even Mike hit the dance floor once.If you think that you will be bored or lonely in the Abacos you will be pleasantly surprised how many friends that you make and the winter flies by.Today several people are leaving for the trek back to the states but we aren`t ready to leave yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, you know what your mother told you. Now look how thick those glasses are!lol