Saturday, October 1, 2011

South Carolina !

We have made it to South Carolina and are at Georgetown, SC for the afternoon, there were 30 knot gusts forcast for this afternoon so I decided to take a break at the dock rather than anchor in a creek off of the ICW. The last week has been a test of our skills trying to predict where we will stay for the night and timing all of the inlets along the coast. At times we can be traveling at over seven knots on one side of an inlet only to be slowed down to three knots on the other side.Here is a video we took just before a inlet We also have to watch out for low tide around the inlets as there are areas that shoal to around five foot in the channel, so we try to pass those areas at high tide or at least 1/2 tide and rising. 175 more miles to go in South Carolina and then on to Georgia and the nine foot tides!

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