Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marsh Harbor

Yesterday we rented a car to do some touring.It is about 30 miles to the next town here-Marsh Harbor.We took along a dockmate Ed from the Valiant across from us.We stopped at several small hardware and tiny clothes stores then to the marina there.It is very nice-protected,small pool,bar and friendly staff but missing the beauty of our beach here.The next stop was a seafood store for lobster tails and grouper followed by Maxwell's-the only grocery store in the Abacos that rivals the U.S.,prices were higher but selection and quality good with many special deals.Dockmates here from Canada say the food and clothes prices in Canada are so much higher than the U.S. so they think island prices are great.Coffee was 13 dollars for Eight O`Clock cheap brand-glad that I brought lots of coffees.Salad dressing was six dollars for the tiny bottle-glad I brought Good Seasons packets.Meat was of good quality and not bad priced.We had a great Bahamian lunch and then toured a few small towns-settlements.The schools all have uniforms and the buildings appear newer.Tonight expecting up to 50 knot winds so a planned sail with dockmates is on hold.I love it enough to live here but I am restless to sail on soon and explore south.The dock is paid until Feb.4th so I should just relax and enjoy the cable tv, tiki bar,bakery,liquor store,grocery store,beaches and nightly 5 o`clock dock party.    Chris

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Hour

The cruisers on the dock we are on at Treasure Cay have a Happy Hour every day at 5pm on the dock, and we have had a great time with them listening to cruising stories and learning about new places to visit and where to not go. My replacement wind generator from Southwest Windpower arrived yesterday and is now installed and working. I now will be able to anchor out more without running the engine to top off the batteries. It only took a week to arrive here even with a mix up on the customs paperwork. We did not have to pay any duty on it as it is a part for the boat, and duty free. Our watermaker has been working great and even though water is readily available here in the Abacos the water produced is so much better than the local water.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still at Treasure Cay

Still enjoying the dock here.Most days we hit the beach early and take an hour or two walk along the surf.When we go at low tide we can walk for 10 minutes out into the water and still be only waist deep,that is when I can scoop up sand dollars and other shells easily.We need the exercise because of the food choices.Yesterday a lady came to our boat with food for sale-her van was loaded with Bahamian mac and cheeses,whole lobster quiches,banana breads,seafood chowder,apple and cream pies-mmm.We bought the mac and cheese and warm apple pie and found them as tasty as they look.I do actually cook though,I brought home a whole coconut from next to the dock and used the fresh coconut grated for oatmeal,coconut,chocolate chip cookies,a bag of coconut in the store is 5 dollars and the parking lot is full of coconuts that have fallen.We enjoyed the movie True Grit at the drive in wed. and have good cable tv also.They have a big screen tv at the pool bar that we have been watching the football playoffs.This is really paradise but I am still eager to explore more islands next month.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

lazy days

We are really enjoying Treasure Cay.The miles long white sugar sand beaches are deserted in the mornings so we have been taking long walks along the water-it looks just like the screensaver on our home computer.there is an awesome bakery here with cinnamin rolls,quiches and breads-I really like the lobster quiche.The grocery store is small but filled with everything needed and has locally grown hydroponic vegetables-mmm-made good salad.We enjoyed a nice happy hour on the boat Consort along with 2 other Canadian cruisers-so many great cruising tales and lessons from other cruisers.There have been a few 100 foot boats in the marina here but you only see their crew,no mingling with the poor people I guess.Mike has suceeded in getting good service from the Air Breeze manufacturer so now we await the new unit being shipped-not a bad place to be stuck though with bars,restaurant,bakery,hardware and groceries just steps away.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Movie Night

Last night they had a golf cart drive-in movie here at the resort. You could bring your golf cart or a beach chair to see the movie. They set up a projector in the parking lot to the beach bar and a large screen and show first run movies and sell popcorn, snacks, and sodas. It is just a short walk from the docks and a fun time was had by all. Tonight they have a pizza night here at the marina bar with live music, so thats where we will have dinner tonight.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Green Turtle to Guana to Treasure Cay

We are now at Treasure Cay Marina and plan to stay here for about a month. Yesterday morning we left Green Turtle and through the Whale Pass in the reef and had a calm passage with only about 1 ft swells, so we timed it right with no "rage" in the pass. We then anchored off of Dive Guana and took the dingy to explore Guana Cay. We met up with a few other cruisers and went to Nippers Beach Bar for lunch and then after lunch we went down to the beach for some snorkeling. I followed a Baracuda around for a while and explored some of the holes and rocks but did not see any lobsters. After a good nights sleep we headed over to Treasure Cay and took a dock as I have to remove my wind generator and  troubleshoot it. It is under waranty, but the company wants me to check a few things before they send me a new one. This is a realy nice place to spend some time as they have everything you could need from resturants, Bakery, Hardware, Bank, and beautiful Beaches. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011


We had a quiet New Years Eve at the marina-surf and turf dinner with fellow cruisers- cute 80`s themed party and d.j. but we fizzled out early and watched the ball drop in the boat.Today we took the dingy into town for junkanoo.It is a small island town but they put on a wonderful lively parade that lasted over 2 hours.There was also live music and a d.j. at another street.It was funny to hear the song Stagger Lee sung caribbean style-loved it.There was food stands everywhere with our favorite being a church charity stand.So much food overpacking a styrofoam take out container-fried chicken,peas and rice,mac and cheese and potato salad-took home enough for tommorrow at $12 a meal.Food here is mostly double what we pay in the states because everything is shipped from overseas.We do get amazing fresh bread here,butter like Grandma used to churn and fresh eggs.There was a man cleaning conch next to our dingy with his family making fresh conch salad on the dock.The best part of Junkanoo was seeing how much fun the kids were having.Tommorrow we will venture out to see if the Whale cut is passable to get to Guana Cay and Nippers bar there then next is Treasure Cay.