Saturday, December 4, 2010

getting closer

Today we made it to North Lake Worth, we got waked  by huge power boats and spilled everything about,I would rearrange and get another rude boater that wouldn`t slow down to pass.Anyway we arrived in one piece past six lift bridges and are in one very upper class hood.Tonight we were treated to xmas fireworks-totally crazy good as they were on a barge that moved about.Our friend Glenn beat us here as land transport, too tired tonight so made us chili and cornbread and watched fireworks from the boat.Now is the wait for wind that is not from the north so that we can cross over from here to the Abacos.For my Ohio friends we had sun and short sleeves but cool nights and 40`s at night next week.     chris


Attitude Adjustment said...

Enjoy all the sunshine you can absorb, we are about to get 3-6" of snow over the next 3 days!
One of your Ohio friends, Virginia

Anonymous said...

Just had to shovel snow from the driveway and it's still coming down.

Safe crossing,


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and rub it in. We deserve it for not following you.
My hands have already been swelling from the cold, and it is snowing now.
SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, Have fun, and enjoy.