Thursday, December 23, 2010

Goombay Smash !!

We rented a golf cart today and visited the other end of the island and the town of New Plymouth. One of our stops was Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar for the world famous Goombay Smash, a wonderful rum drink. After a couple of those the day went goodbye and we didn't make it to any of the cruiser activities that we had planned to attend tonight. Oh well maybe tomorrow , or maybe another trip to Miss Emily's!


Anonymous said...


John, Pat & Kattie

Anonymous said...

Mike and Chris

Merry Christmas from up North. Sounds to me like you are "living the dream"! Congratulations.

All is well here, the usual snow,cold and lack of sunshine.

Take care, we are thinking about you!

Carl and Judi

Anonymous said...

9:00 AM..25 degrees & snowing here at guilford.

Enjoy your warm, sunny Christmas day.


thatsanicepicture said...

Merry Christmas...
Ho Ho Ho...
You guys are warm.
We got snow.