Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still In North Palm Beach.

We are still in North Palm as we did not want to cross over to the Bahamas Yesterday. The window to cross was going to be a short one with the winds scheduled to increase to 30 to 40 MPH by noon today. If we had crossed we would of had to anchor out in that with the wind and waves or taken a slip in an expensive marina for two or three days. Instead we will stay here with a few other cruisers and cross over around Thursday when it looks like we will have a much longer and calmer weather window. We did want to cross over the other day but why not make the crossing a pleasnt one rather than a chore? We rented a car this weekend and are exploring the area and filling the boat up with more supplies for the trip. We also went to the Movies and had a great meal today. We are at a wonderful Marina that is close to everything we could want and we could move out to the anchorage, but I decided we could afford to stay here and enjoy ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone here at Harpersfield is missing
the both of you!

I did get a wonderful package today from
Florida - containing fabulous gags!!!