Monday, December 6, 2010


Still in West Palm Beach because of strong north winds,cold winds but the sun was warm during the day.Today we visited City Place-outdoor mall here and went to the fancy theater and saw the Imax movie ``Hubble`` in 3D,amazing video of the space shuttle repairing the Hubble telescope.It was also hilarious riding in Glenn`s old VW vanagan down Worth Avenue surrounded by Rolls,Mazaratis and Ferraris.It was a fun day made better by dinner with Eric Innes-my daughter in law`s dad.We listen to weather guru Chris Parker each am and based on his forecast the next weather window is this weekend-I`m getting eager to go already.   chris


Anonymous said...

Wish we were "stuck" in West Palm Beach instead of cold/snowy Ohio!!
Pat K.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Mike thanks for the cradle. Our O'day 30, the Stella Maris, fit nicely on it and is enjoying the winter break, mast up, alongside the Portage River in Port Clinton. God Bless, Joe K