Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lazy day

Yesterday when we returned from the beach a wind storm came up very fast with zero to 30 knots of wind in seconds.This led to several boats coming in quick for safety.The marina ( ) expected a quiet day but had to send a call out for help and we all ended up in the bar for drinks,cruising conversation and very tasty food-fresh grouper for us.At the end of our meal the manager couple brought out 2 cheesecakes in a martini glass with lighted candles for our birth-aversay.This was truly a wonderful way to spend it.Today still finds a few brief showers and wind but most cruisers left as they have to meet family at airports.I was glad for the rest day as they had a hard time heading out with brisk winds.I made Mike his favorite mincemeat Christmas cookies then we explored another beach and I carried a beautiful conch shell until the conch showed its head and snorted at me-we put it back in the water after that.


Anonymous said...

I assume this is the marina you are in. I'm I correct? John

thatsanicepicture said...

Hi Cris and Mike.

While I'm a tad late for your Anniversary and Mike's Bday, I still want to wish you both happiness and good sailing.


PS: Mincemeat Christmas cookies???

Glenn said...

Life's a beach now that your getting warm,clean sand in beteewn your toes... Shell collecting is a hard high risk job; but, someone has to do it!!! Mike catch you any shellfish yet? Love & miss you two- God Bless, glenn