Monday, September 6, 2010

laborless day

Grilled a lunch burger then goofed off until dinner .We found an inexpensive Italian diner on the waterfront and had a good pizza,caeser salad and gelato,on the way back we crashed the race week celebration and enjoyed live music and a few stories and of course great people watching there.It`s an easy 15 minute walk over the bridge to downtown and so am getting lots of milage on the feet.   chris


Anonymous said...

Deb and I are thinking of going to annapolis if we can find somewhere to stay. Might get to see you there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and Chris love your posts mom loves hearing about your adventures she also says thank you for the wonderful taffy was great. keep it up with the post love ya Laurel and Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Sure was thinkin of you this weekend in Key West. It was so much fun! Hung out at Schooners Wharf Bar most of the afternoon on Sunday-that place is great! Took the Key West Express again with 10 of my friends-so it's detox time now! Sounds like you could use that a/c-I'll have to meet you in a marina somewhere, I guess! Love reading about all your adventures!