Saturday, September 4, 2010

non event

Thank God that Earl was a non event-no wind and little rain.It has been so hot so boat jobs have been put off until today.My wonderful daughter has come to our rescue and expedited a small room air conditioner to use until we get our marine air conditioner  from Fla.-we did`nt even use the marine air conditioner last year.When we are on the water it is breezy and no need but it was stifling even with 5 fans at dock last week.We have been using buses and exploring the town and have found Whole Foods grocery,huge mall and West Marine and Fawcett Marine.Fawcett`s has moved away from downtown-sad.Yesterday we walked to Eastport maritime museum and bought tickets to a charity event featuring some of the fellows from Jimmy Buffets band-can`t wait.Off to find a laundramat.   chris

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Anonymous said...

Glad to here Earl was no threat and you are safe and sound...John