Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain !!

We finished the enclosure for the cockpit just in time, I got it up yesterday afternoon and the rains started just after midnight last night. So far we have had 6" of rain and it is coming down at the rate of 2" per hour. High tide is at 11 am today and Midnight tonight, so we expect the docks to be under water during the high tides and the winds pushing the water up the bay. We are tied up between four pilings and the bulkhead in the marina so we are very secure and are not worried.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the enclosure. Did you take your sewing machine with you?
We need some of that water here. The lake is down 1 1/2 foot since opening of season.
See you at the show.

Anonymous said...

The enclosure looks great. See you next week...John