Friday, October 1, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere!

Over 6" of rain yesterday with a south wind pushing the water up the bay. By midnight last night we had about a foot of water over the dock. So far we have had a Hurricane, Stink Bugs, and now a flood. Another cruiser (Zero to Cruising) suggested everyone start loading animals 2 by 2 to get ready. This AM the docks were back above the water, so everything is back to normal.


Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!! Unbelievable...John

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the October when the water was well above the city docks during the boatshow. It had rained all weekend and that afternoon was an extremely high tide due to the pull of the full moon that night. Fun! Get your boots and foul weather gear on!!!! Betty & Chuck

Todd said...

Safest place to be when it floods is on a boat! Just have to get the Zodiac ready to go into town for supplies.

Stay safe.