Wednesday, October 6, 2010

boat show week

I went to the laundry early today and couldn`t believe how crazy busy the waterfront is already-boat show starts in the am -vip day.I managed to get the laundry done without the pervert who talks about panties that was there the last two times. I also am tired of the bus this week-seems the mayor laid off all but one bus mechanic so few buses to serve the city-it was like the videos from third world countries with people crammed in every inch and some fat lady gets on and plops onto me leaving me pinched until my stop- it is really time for me to move on.On a lighter note we had a meeting for the ssca cruising group and met some great cruising people and came back  via the electric car that services restaurants and hotels free.We polished off some peach crisp I made today and are crashing early hoping to meet up with Ohio friends tommorrow.   chris

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Anonymous said...

You need to buy some great big white granny panties and display them prominently on your laundry basket. He will either love it (thus you have almost free entertainment) or will totally turn him off and he will shut up and leave you alone. Either way you win :)