Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting ready

Yesterday we went to the local medical clinic and they helped us set up a cruising first aid kit with all of the supplies and medications we might need for cruising emergencies. We learned about this service from the safety at sea seminar that we attended at West Marine last weekend. The town is starting to get ready for the show, some tents are starting to be erected, and we are seeing and meeting more cruisers arriving in town. A couple of cruisers that are also heading to the Bahamas just arrived here at the boatyard and we hope to talk to them in the next couple of days. We found out from another couple of cruisers that the boat show hires some cruisers to help setup and work the entrances and they get in to the show free, so we will have to look into that next year.  I will try and get some pictures as the docks and boats start getting set up for the show. Chris cooked a great pasta meal tonight and we had some great Washington State wine from the Icle Ridge Winery in Leavenworth tonight and things couldn't be better.


John said...

We just drank our bottle of the Icicle Ridge wine last week with appetizers before Paella on the grill..... Glad you are having fun - still terribly jealous.


Kate said...

Vivien just had her two bottom teeth break through the gums. It happened on her 4 month birthday just like Evangeline. Miss and love you both.