Friday, October 8, 2010

boat show fun

It`s been a fun 2 days,our friend Glenn came from W.Va. yesterday then John and Pat from Hanoverton,we had a great lunch-crabcakes-at Cantlers on the water.Today we caught an early cruising seminar then boat show shopping, some women get jewelry as gifts-I got a Froli sleep system,a sort of boat innerspring system.We squeezed into an afternoon talk by Bob Bitchen of Latitudes and Attitudes magazines,the talk was funny and was all about sailing ordeals that afterwards are not horrific but great stories to be told over drinks-a positive attitude seminar really and great tales.We had lunch at the Fleet Club with Curtiss,Cula,Louie,Ray and Debbie an caught up on our marina news and of their families.Tonight we ran into friends Betty,Chuck,Sandy and Bill who are from our old marina-so much fun trading tales over food at Buddys.I also got a seat to elevate me while I steer-won`t have to tiptoe to see when driving now.Tummy full,legs tired,wallet slimmer-off to bed.

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Kate said...

Is his last name really Bitchen? That's awesome.