Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belhaven, NC ICW Mile 135

We left this AM at around 7 AM and passed through the Alligator River Swing bridge and into the Alligator Pungo Canal for the next 21 Miles. One of the boats ahead of us called back to report a log in the middle of the Chanel, so as I was watching for it and edging out of the center of the canal I did manage to bump the bottom. The canal is a lot wider than the Dismal Swamp with a lot of snags and stumps along the whole length. We did see 6 deer swim across the canal about halfway through it, and also saw a Buck chasing a doe in the reeds along the bank. There was a lot more current against us than we expected, so  that slowed us down about a knot and then as we exited the canal the wind was right on the nose so we didn't raise the main to get a boost in speed. We didn't arrive at belhaven until 5 PM so we had a long 10 hours on the water today. We are now docked at Belhaven Waterway Marina, and will be here tonight and tomorrow as I have a few boat jobs that need done. It's time for a oil change,  diesel filters, Check stuffing box, and all around rig inspection. Also we just need a day of not traveling before we head on for the next stop, Oriental, NC. another 50 mile day!


Anonymous said...

We're glad to see you're OK and still "having fun".

Don't swim with the gators!

Let us know what you think about Oriental, NC.


Anonymous said...

Have you run into a boat named Walkabout? They are very close to you? They came thru Geneva on their way after you left.