Tuesday, October 26, 2010

staying put

We untied some lines and noticed huge current and wind gusts and saw the trouble some big engine boats had leaving the dock so we will stay and maybe try early in the am.I enjoyed walking before the rainstorm last night and found a creepy very old graveyard and many restored gorgeous houses but went too far out and saw Big Daddy`s Groc. And Bailbonds- I turned back there.I can see the shore where the wild ponies live but no sightings yet.This dock is pricey but free pump out,free cable tv and 3 courtesy cars help,other cruisers we have met are staying put so will have company but many empty docks here and are advertising monthly winter rate for the first time-also noted some closed storefronts here too.

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Jack Pavesich said...


Sue and I stayed there aboard "Journey" in 1999. Ask the marina staff for help in leaving the dock in the current. They know some line tricks that can really help

Jack Pavesich (Grand River YC)