Monday, October 18, 2010

I hear banjo music ! "The Great Dismal Swamp !"

We left Hampton, crossed Norfolk Harbor and started down the ICW. We took the Dismal Swamp route and the only boats we saw the whole 31 miles were three boats at the Welcome Center/Rest stop that took up, the whole dock space there. The lock at the beginning of the canal was much more turbulent than any we had on the Erie Canal. We continued on and are now tied up outside the lift bridge and lock that opens tomorrow at 8:30 AM. After we lock through we will head for Elizabeth City, NC and spend the night there at one of the Free docks if available. We saw our first dolphins of the trip at Hospital Point on the Elizabeth River where the ICW starts with mile "0". We also saw "Zero to Cruising" anchored there and circled them to say hi before we continued on. We have been following them since we saw their mast supports at Hop-O-Nose Marina on the Hudson River.


Amy said...

My favorite author William Gibson uses the name "GreatDismal" on Twitter because he grew up near The Great Dismal. :)

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe you're almost to Elizabeth City. Didn't we just see you in Annapolis!!

Stay safe...John