Sunday, September 5, 2010

lazy sunday

Started our day at the farmers market downtown-pricy but did get some nice produce,much smaller than I thought it would be too. It is a race weekend so the harbor is crazy busy and between the holiday and a Navy football game tommorrow downtown was too busy- did enjoy a yummy ice cream cone-the waffle cone was warm even.Got a few boat chores done but need parts Tuesday so anticipating a relaxed holiday.We have met some of the live a boards and getting good travel advice.There are a few gorgeous 50 foot boats in front of us and many beauties that stay empty.The dockhands  have a crab boil some  evenings-just take a net and scrape the pilings,I can see lots here now at low tide and sunset-must find the net soon.  chris

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Carl Heltzel said...

You guys are having so much fun I am really getting mad now. To much fun for two people to have!

Keeping an eye on you and enjoying your posts. Glad there were no visitors on your trip saying "My Name Is Earl!.

Have fun, keep safe!

Carl and Judi