Monday, September 20, 2010

nothing new

Time is passing quickly, we got most of our back full enclosure done but ran out of material needed to place the windows in and the Sailrite store is closed until thursday so Mike is a slacker again-catching up on reading.We often take the city bus to explore the town and of course for groceries and boat part shopping.I made him get the dingy ready for night trips, just in case we are out late-sunset comes early now, we bought battery run red/green and a bow light.We also replaced the old garden lights from the back of the boat with new LED  ones and also another solar LED that is a spotight that is on a rail facing the cockpit-all from Home depot.The West Marine free seminar this week was about Bahamas cruising and it was very good- I feel that we are ready except for the water tank being small-still considering a watermaker-a young man who has solo cruised with his cat between here and the Bahamas for several years  feels it was worthwhile-his 36 foot boat has bigger water capacity already but he says hauling water by dingy leads to back pain sooner or later. The owner and his crew are very friendly and help Mike with any missing tool or part.We are still swamped by a gorgeous 60 foot trawler owned by a retired movie producer and his actress wife-The Spirit Of Zopilote -makes me want a trawler.    

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