Tuesday, September 7, 2010


~Oh Lord won`t ya buy me a Mercedes Benz~  It would seem that most people in Annapolis have a Mercedes but I guess that I will take early retirement and the bus system instead . Today we had breakfast with the Seven Seas Cruising Association members that live here,we gained more helpful advice about crossing over to the Bahamas and about the intercoastal waterway-nice people.We took a cab today and bought the fuel pump part we needed then other marine stores for dreaming and bought a chip of charts of the Chesapeake, we saw a sore front for watermakers and sat down at his big desk where he tried to sell us a $12,000.00 system for our little boat-needless to say that we will explore more options at the boat show next month.On the way home we took the bus to the mall to make the better half happy-god news for him-I only bought childrens books.      chris


Todd said...

You know your daughter drives a Mercedes, right? :)

Kate said...

...and you do know the second line to that song don't you Todd? :)

Amy said...

LOL Kate :D