Wednesday, August 18, 2010

34 locks done

Went all the way to Waterford-survived the last 9 locks including the flight of 5- back to back 35 foot drops each and windy so control was tougher- free docks here were full at 5:30 so tied to wall and must clim up rescue ladder to sidewalk-got here and visitors center was closed so no shower but headed to dinner all grubby and a local girl reccomended Mcgiveys restaurant- cool-fancy but good prices and excellant meal-we then walked to nice grocery store for fruit and found the visitor center open so paid a deposit and got a shower key-life is good again.I really liked the canal until today- lots of train and semi noise and locks so close together- the train tracks and freeway run right next to the canal at this end-Waterford seems quiet though.May take a recuperative day or head down the Hudson river-wine tonight if I stay awake.    chris


Anonymous said...

How is the motor now? Any more issues?

Anonymous said...

On to the Hudson. It looks like that will be a wonderful trip. We wish we were with you. What an experience.