Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We are now a motorboat for the Erie Canal. Had the mast dropped at RCR Buffalo, cost was $265 and we supplied the mast supports. They charge to make the supports and for the lumber if you do not bring your own. This is more than what I was expecting but we were here and they did everything and we did not have to help. On to the Canal tomorrow!


John said...

Very cool - I hope you are taking pictures.... after reading the wikipedia entry on the Erie Canal I am so bummed I'm not there with you..... Sounds like a fun start to the long cruise!

Anonymous said...

Are you still on a natural high from the idea of the trip, or is reality settling in?

Paul Duncan said...

I glad to here you have made it to New York safely and It does my heart good to hear you are NOW Powerboating.... Power to the props my freinds, H dock just has'nt been the same with you two gone.


Patricia said...

Mike & Chris - Sorry we missed your send-off! We, like everyone else, are extremely jealous and hope you have a great time. Will try to hook up with you in Annapolis with the "crew" from here!
Safe Journey, Pat & Olli