Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Another long day, we made it to Tarrytown,N.Y. Today was drizzle and 1 to 3 foot rolling chop-lots of freighters but a wide channel.I did not care for Kingston-most of the walkable area of town was closed on monday and although showers were clean you had to feed them quarters to work-also wanted pumpout but it never materialized-same story everywhere on the Hudson, this marina actually had a functional pumpout and secure marina and  upscale, the subway station is just next to gate too.We were entertained all day by so much history-very old mansions,mountains,West Point,Culinary Institute of America.We saw large soft shell crabs stuck to walls of fuel dock and pumpout area-seafood  restaurant is in the marina too.     chris

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Anonymous said...

You're making good progress. Pumping quarters in the showers sound like the ones at Put In Bay! Have a lobster for me. Oops, Mike can't have that! Wine will do!

Stay safe...John