Saturday, August 28, 2010

cape may

Well Atlantic city was a nightmare-music until after midnite that had the bass shaking the hull-so out of there early into the Atlantic with 5-6 foot rollers but this time no pounding-a nice motor sail until the inlet into Cape May-cigarette type boats,fishing boats, ferryboats all going full steam past us leaving wakes that shook the boat so bad things flew about all over that were secured from the ocean trip-no manners in Jersey and cars  go like lunatic fast in this  cute resort town too.Once again Skipper Bob was wrong-no bus here and a solid 1 mile into town and taxis wouldnt pick up-too busy.We walked and loved the gingerbread mansions-taffy shops and had a great meal at the Lobster House near the marina.Utsch`s Marina is run by a family and well run, local package of wine,cookies and handmade soaps given with your keys-free cable and lots of clean showers.we will stay here another day to do laundry and boat maintanance and I will shop of course.   chris

The Channel into the marina is a little tricky, call ahead for directions, don't head straight in after passing red 14, turn toward 16 at entrance to Cape May canal then run 20' out from bulkhead paralel to it then turn in at small lighthouse.
 When leaving here we will head up the Delaware Bay to the C & D Canal into the Chesapeake Bay, to make this passage we have to time the tides so that we are not going against them up the Deleware bay for 54 miles.

More new pictures have been posted to the slideshow album at top of page.

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Anonymous said...

That music must have been a nightmare to have bothered you guys!

Let us know what you think of the Delaware.

Watch out for the "go fast" jockeys!

What's your eta for the Chesapeake?