Friday, August 13, 2010

Almost ready!

Overheating issues all taken care of, but one new issue. When I had the boat hauled to put a strainer over the water intake thru hull I had the yard replace the valve with a new ball valve. When I inspected this evening the new valve was leaking slightly, so we will have the yard look at it in the AM. We just want to be back traveling!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Plum Crazy. I'm glad to here things are back on track.
later bill & Sandy

Anonymous said...

Just one thing after the other...but that's life! Keep posting. We are enjoying your adventures....Chuck & Betty

Anonymous said...

Sorry so many problems...maybe God wants to keep you from some storms or something so he is delaying you to keep you safe:)
Glad you met up with Duane, he is so nice!Take care,

Anonymous said...

Finally got the bow in the mail-sending pics of what's going on here.Gods watching over you, C U N Oct.,g

Bill Sheldon said...

Best of luck guys. Glad to see your spirits are still high. I'll raise a glass to you at Harpersfield later today!

Fair winds and following seas!

Bill Sheldon