Friday, August 6, 2010

long day

Today we slept in-cool weather at last.We headed out from Brockport and aced our first lock but the next lock nearby had strong winds inside and Mike had a hard time catching a rope inside-ended up dropping the boat hook and the lock tender came to our aid and grabbed our dock line to corrall us in-no damage other than our nerves and the boat hook floated up to us when the water receded.In spite of that we plunged forward and aced the next locks.We follow 2 guide books-Skipper Bobs and the official ny canal book-both 2006 and very outdated- the ongoing diesel saga continued with the books touting Pittsford as having a large Citgo dock with diesel but this town went yuppy with a Birkenstock store in place of Citgo-fortunately we did get diesel at Macedon at a friendly little marina.This stretch today was filled with charming little towns where everyone makes an effoort to wave at you as you roll by and one stretch near a highway had cars beep at us and wave, not a whole lot of traffic in the canal this week.We stopped tired and dirty from the windy lock escapade- at Newark,NY.Nice docks-electric,free laundry,clean shower,friendly and no charge so enjoyed a late dinner in town.You can take a short walk to groceries,movies,many restaurants

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Anonymous said...

You reminded me of our O. river locking days. I had forgotten the dangling lines! Thanks for keeping the daily blog.

John K