Monday, August 2, 2010


Rested in Erie yesterday and headed off today for Buffalo,N.Y. We had over 3 hours of real sailing followed by motorsailing and roller waves.I managed to bake bbq ribs for supper and only wore a little sauce.Still finding that I have too much stuff in here-hard to fit a 4 bedroom house into 31 feet.I feel that more would fit if it weren`t for all the tools,he would say too many clothes of course.Enjoyed a clean long airconditioned shower even though this is a work yard for boats-maybe Geneva Marina should figure out how to make ladies happy.bye for now-Chris

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Phil and Lorraine said...

Glad that the BBQ ribs worked out. Know what you mean about fitting everything in and we have an extra 3 feet. Hope that today's trip goes well. Still trying to fit things on our boat. Lorraine