Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today started off early,we were just outside a lock that opened early and scooted down the canal and breezed through canals ending in Brewerton,N.Y. where our diesel overheated-fortunately in front of a marina-just a bad hose and the friendly people atWinter Harbor marina had a dock and even found just the right hose and brought it to the boat.Next is Onieda Lake crossing that can be nasty if windy so we may sit out the rain here another day.Todays trip also had eagles above us and quiet solitude until just near this town.The boat is so dirty from the mast raising and slimy canal ropes so I tried to clean the exterior a bit but the mast and spreaders on deck meant partial cleaning.The interior is all tossed about from finding tools and me quick opening the strainers when it overheated, but all is well now-chardonnay from Harpersfield Winery is chilling-thanks Patti and Adolph.               chris

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Anonymous said...

Glad you found your trouble. In front of a marina no less! It's nice that people still give a helping hand. More eagles, yeah!!

It's nice to share your trip with you even though we can't be there.

Stay safe out there.