Thursday, August 5, 2010


We spent a restless night in Medina due to the heat and then lightening storms-another boater described the weather as being a human rotisserie-tossing all night and baking.Made it out this am and found beautiful farmlands-corn and apples and grapes surrounding the canal ,it was all wonderful until noonish and heat and humidity and lack of sleep had us pull into Brockportport,N.Y.-This is a super friendly college town,tied up downtown in the canal and showers and bars near.I found a coffee shop that roasts their own beans,a quilt shop,a huge book store and the second oldest movie in the U.S.A.Mike cooled off at the movie "Salt" while I did all the laundry-yeah for clean sheets.This area is an antiquers paradise but so many old barns and houses need a good carpenter soon.   chris

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Phil and Lorraine said...

Did you buy any fabric at the quilt shop? I'm a quilter and am bring a Viking sewing machine. Sound like you've had a few trying times but looks like fun. Can't wait to join you.